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RedTech Award!

How to operate Talk Show phones when no one is allowed in the Studio?

RadioWorld Best of Show Awards !

NeoWinners Portal won a Best of Show Award at IBC 2019 NeoWinners Portal is a service to let your Listeners access their own personal data inside your NeoWinners / NeoScreener databases.

NBS Solution

Martinique 1ere keeps tabs on equipment

The new European General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR is a new European Union Regulation that applies to all companies which process personal data of European Citizens, from may 2018.

Skype™ calls into NeoScreener

To allow Skype™ calls to reach your Telos or AEQ SIP/VOIP device, you only need to configure the Skype gateway, so that it converts your Skype™ traffic into SIP.

Steve Somers on WFAN uses NeoScreener

“Good evening to you, and how you be? Steve Somers here and you there.” That’s how Steve Somers begins his nightly call-in show — his schmooze, he calls it — on WFAN, New York’s sports radio station. (Article from New York Times)

Must-Have solutions!

NeoWinners and NeoScreener: two "Must-Have" solutions! It is a real satisfaction talking with major users about our software applications, and hearing back how satisfied they are..

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