Go paperless with a software solution that manages on-air contest, winners, prizes, inventory and much more.

NEOWINNERS manages promotions, contests and winners in Radio stations.

It is a very complete and efficient software application. Go paperless with a central database, enhance the organization of the daily work of your teams. Clear and easy to use, it streamlines the processing of your On Air, Online and Onground promotions.

From scheduling, through the tracking of winners and entrants, the details of prizes and inventory, to the front desk deliveries and guest lists generation, NeoWinners saves you time.

For more details, check out the numerous NeoWinners Features.

Some of the NeoWinners functions
  • Reports/ Guest lists;
  • Powerful scheduling/ unscheduling;
  • Contest fulfilment tracking;
  • Easy winner searches;
  • Rules for duplicate records;
  • Clear screen for On Air operations;
  • Optional smartphone application;
  • Identify recurring winners;
  • Real time stock;
  • Modifications tracking.
NeoWinners now available in 11 languages!

Available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Deutsh, Czech, Portuguese and Arabic, NeoWinners fulfills your needs all around the world, and further expands your options and continue to enhance your organization regarding your contests, winners and prizes management.


  • Data centralization for all users
  • Prize tracking
  • On-air schedule and history, easy scheduling
  • Preselections/ Preregistrations to shows or contests
  • User-friendly on-air interface allowing to affect a winner to a contest
  • Accurate prize tracking after win
  • Several contests types, including on-line contests
  • Time saving organisation
  • Calls management with NeoScreener: Winners recognition thanks to phone numbers
  • Numerous reports
  • Centralization of several radios. Economies of scale
  • Reliable and efficient distant access to manage a relocated radio


  • Real time stock management
  • Single contest name and prize capture
  • Comments for presenter
  • Easy prize copy (season 1, season 2 etc.. for instance)
  • Items available within two dates (concerts, tickets,..)
  • Winners blocked during X days according to prize categories
  • Scheduling and tracking of prizes available in the future. Note to presenter that prize is not yet available
  • Consolation prize category and under zero schedulable prizes (eg: Goodies – possible resupplying)
  • “Packs” management allowing to group several prizes to ease scheduling


  • Schedule display per week or 10 days, compacted display available
  • Both past and future schedule display. No date limit
  • Calendar / Navigation buttons by day, week or month
  • Needed information for scheduling: date, time, contest title, contest type, presenter, prize
  • 3 schedule ways: “one by one”, “models” (day models in parameters, “horizontal” (everyday over a period)
  • Schedule card including : contest time, contest title, presenter, prize, contest instructions, comments, number of calls for this contest, contest barcode, contest status, winner(s) delivery date, shipment cost
  • Schedule card including also: affidavit printing, lable printing with integrated barcode, automatic email generation after win, printing of winners lists


  • Numerous describing listeners fields (First and last names, age, gender, address, email address, listened frequency…)
  • Winners histories: dates and times of win, run contests, presenters at this time, prizes…)
  • Re-opening win rights dates
  • Statistics available ( Socio-economic groups, household types, other listened radios, hobbies..)


  • Preregistration management on several preselection levels for high value prizes / private concerts and show participations
  • Winners preselection per show
  • Numerous listeners qualifying fields
  • Direct mailing of contests rules before running the contests


  • Language and country selection (phone numbers format)
  • Mandatory fields set up of winner card
  • Tracking numbers generation (barcodes)
  • Pre-written e-mailings messages with fields incorporation
  • User management (name and password, tights, accessible screens)
  • Prizes categories (block winners during several days depending the prize / winners rights)
  • Suppliers
  • Post codes imports (ease city entry)
  • Contests titles
  • Shows names
  • Days models


  • Backups tools (local, server, distant server)
  • Backups restore
  • Backups copies
  • Winners importation
  • Reindexations / Statistics recalcul
  • SQL requests
  • NeoGroupe technical support requests


NeoWinners is a Prizes / Winners / Contests inventory software system helping stations go paperless for promotions.

Key advantages:


    • Eliminate paper
    • Organize the contests “chain” and spare time to your teams. No more time spent researching/gathering winners information.
    • One employee can handle several stations, even several clusters across different locations: Purchases if any are centralized, Shippings if any are centralized too (negociating with providers), Trainings can be mutualized


    • NeoWinners is available at a fixed price.
    • Fixed annual support renewal contract fee.
    • No hidden costs.


    • The fact to have everything embedded into a single database greatly enhances the moving of information across all involved, increasing teams efficiency, even across departments. Again, no more paper, no more documents travelling across floors.


    • 1099 management for all winnings of a winner across the stations. Winners are protected within the same database, or across databases if needed. Making sure IRS forms are on file can justify the usage of our solution alone. This is also valid for SOX compliance.
    • With NeoWinners, the stations can make sure that promises made to winners are actually fulfilled, and that no mishanding of contests occurs, that could lead to legal actions from the listeners/winners. And no more unhappy listeners calling in to get their prizes.


    • This is very important to existing customers on NeoScreener, as winners are identified before picking up the phone, not after they have been winning.


    • Most sites that we have visited have said they could use a better solution than manual or their current system from an operations perspective.


    • NeoGroupe keeps its products updated with the latest enhancements in technology and has now a set of applications containing highly specialized functions. If your requirements are not in our programs, we will study and seek to implement them.


    • NeoGroupe has deployed NeoWinners & NeoScreener successfully at major groups (Radio France, 50 stations, 800 users, 2 years – RTBF Belgium 20 stations, 100 users).

NeoWinners complies with the provisions of several personal data protections Acts around the world:

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

Data encryption, communications encryption, auto deletion of older data, logging, enhanced user logins & security, rights to export, storing of partial data, easy reporting of data stored for an individual, easy deletion of data stored upon request by an individual, etc.

Collect your listeners consent to use their data (GDPR) and have them enter themselves information in your NeoWinners database !

 NeoWinners Portal is a service provided by NeoGroupe that can be added to your NeoWinners and NeoScreener suite of applications.

 It lets you comply with the following GDPR rights, in using your listeners personal data information:

  • Right to list which data is stored.
  • Right to modify data.
  • Right to export data.
  • Right to delete their personal data.
  • Collection of their consent to use the data.

 All you have to do is let NeoWinners send automatically an email and / or an SMS to the Listener

 So, initially your staff only collects a phone number or an email, all the rest is performed by the winners themselves.

 It saves time (your team does not enter data), and it makes you compliant, your DPO (Data Protection Officer) will love it!

 NeoWinners / NeoScreener is the professional callers / winners / prizing / contests / scripts application used by hundreds of broadcasters worldwide since 2002.

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