Must-Have Solutions!

Must-Have Solutions!

NeoWinners and NeoScreener: two “Must-Have” solutions!

It is a real satisfaction talking with major users about our software applications, and hearing back how satisfied they are..



“NeoWinners is so easy to use! We have been using this solution for years and it is a staple for the organization of all our radio stations. NeoWinners is just a must-have!”  said Lieven, Planning coordinator for QMusic and JOE FM in Vilvoorde.

“NeoScreener is just genious! You no longer have to worry about the phone! The solution is super convenient and makes life easier and perfectly accorded with NeoWinners, which offers a global overview of the contests and prizes schedules. Even new talents have no trouble mastering the application”  Fabien, Talent and technical assistant for NRJ and Nostalgie Brussels.

“NeoWinners is highly useful and so user friendly! This solution offers a large winners database. You can also identify cheaters easily, and directly access to a gift delivery service on your screen. NeoWinners is my essential daily tool!” said Alice, Operator and prizes manager for NRJ and Nostalgie Brussels.

“NeoWinners is full of tips. You have many functionnalities to discover. It is a very intuitive and a very convenient application” Melodie, Planner and Promo & External relations assistant for Pure FM in  Brussels.

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