USA Phone numbers handling

This is how NeoScreener handles phone numbers reformatting (all versions):

Here are the principles:

  • minimize user input so that they have only one rule to remember.
  • standardize numbers at maximum so that they are always stored in the DB in the same way (to allow recognition).
  • avoid to force the user to dial an outside line prefix.
  • take care of the old method of local/vs “long distance” in use in the USA.
  • dialing should be the same than when dialing from a cell phone (10 digits).

Hence we have the following rules:

  • a number is ALWAYS stored as a 10 digit number formatted as xxx-xxx-xxxx.
  • if a number starts with 011, then the formatting is REMOVED and you can input up to 18 digits. This is for international dialing.
  • if a number is within the same area code, there is one parameter that can be input in CTRL P to omit the dialing of the area code (though the number will still be stored in the DB WITH the area code).
  • if a 9 needs to be dialed out on lines to get an outside line, it can also be added as a parameter, line by line. This digit will be dialed by neoscreener ANY TIME that line is used (manual dial, callback from call card), but not shown anywhere on the screen. Remember all numbers are standardized as 10 digits.
  • on incoming calls, if callerid is provided with extra info (like a leading 1) you can have neoscreener suppress it automatically by using the “prefix to add or remove from callerid” and put in “-1” (without quotes) there.

So if “9” “917 673 89xx” works on the Vset, and just “917 673 89xx” works on NeoScreener (neoscreener adds the 9 without telling you), it means you never have to dial a leading “1” any more on your telco side.