NeoScreener directories (Client / Server)

This describes the NeoScreener file structure, in HyperFile client/server mode:

Exe’s are read from a central directory, then run locally from the HDD of each machine and data is served by a HyperFile server.

On the machine that acts as the server there are:

c:\NeoScreener (shared) : contains the application files & dlls – only on server machine

c:\NeoScreenerCache : contains the local copy of exe & dlls read from the central NeoScreener directory – on all machines

c:\HFServer : contains the HyperFile server and data files – only on server machine

c:\NeoScreener\Data : contains current data files if you used the neoscreener backup functionality in Utilities. Those files were extracted from the HF Server.

c:\NeoScreener\Backup : contains backups sets in zip files. Those were zipped from the \Data directory after extraction from the HF Server.

c:\NeoScreener\Configurations : contains a directory per machine name accessing NeoScreener. Each time NeoScreener is started, the machine copies its ini files and shortcuts named neo* in the desktop of All Users to that directory. This is for rebuilding a machine in minutes without having to look for configuration files.

c:\NeoScreener\Images : contains an images set for being used with Hotkeys.

c:\NeoScreener\Tmp : contains usually installation packages. Not mandatory on all installs.

C:\HFServer\BDD : contains the Databases managed by the Hyper File Server. those files cannot be copied, as they are locked by the server service (process).

There are ways in the HF Control Center to automate backups to another directory, but that is not necessary if you perform regularly backups from within NeoScreener.