Installation or Reinstallation of a workstation

If you need to install the products on a new workstation or reinstall an existing workstation (because it has been reformatted, or because the hardware has been changed), the procedure is quite simple: only a couple of files need to be copied from the server. It is the same procedure for all our products: NeoWinners is taken here as an example, but you can replace this by NeoScreener or NBS.

Reminder: the server is the main part of our systems.

  1. Navigate to \\neoserver\ProductShare\Configurations for example \\neoserver\NeoWinners\Configurations
  2. If you cannot see the share, you can connect with one of the Windows User accounts defined either on the local server or on the domain.
  3. Once you are connected, you will see several sub-directories, named after each workstation that has ever accessed the product (For example SRG_STUDIO1)
  4. In \\neoserver\NeoWinners\Configurations\SRG_STUDIO1, locate the NeoWinnersClientServer.ini file and copy it to c:\Windows of your new workstation.
  5. Also locate any NeoWinners*.lnk shortcuts that will be there and copy them to the public desktop of your new workstation (%PUBLIC%\Desktop is the quick way to get there).
  6. Done. It should work if you have a network license dongle.

If you have local USB dongles per workstation:

  1. Navigate to \\neoserver\ProductShare for example \\neoserver\NeoWinners
  2. Locate Sentinel_Protection_Installer_7.x.x (take the latest) and install (Custom, leave only USB AND PARALLEL drivers)
  3. Plug your dongle in the machine.
  4. Make sure the NeoWinners shortcut does NOT have a /license_server=xxxxx
  5. Done.

If you have NeoScreener:

  1. You will also need to copy NeoScreener.ini from \\neoserver\NeoWinners\Configurations\SRG_STUDIO1 to c:\Windows.
  2. Right click on the NeoScreener shortcut upon the first launch and select “Run As Administrator” to have DLL’s registered.
  3. Done