HyperFile exhibits some problems after I changed the local admin password


This is because when you install a Windows service, it does use the local admin account (with which you probably logged on the machine) and stores the current password. Because of the nature of services in Windows, they are able to run even if nobody has logged-in on the server console itself. Hence they need a system account to run in the background and provide the services that they are meant to provide. This account/password is provided at the time you installed the Hyperfile server.

So if you later change the local administrator account, the services that have been registered PRIOR to that will present the former credentials when trying to connect to another machine. Therefore if your automated backup tasks that have been scheduled in the Hyperfile Control Center try to write to another server, even if you changed the local admin password there as well, the two Hyperfile processes will not succeed writing there, because they come in to the other server with the OLD password.

Go to the services console (Start/Run – services.msc).

Stop the two following services:

HyperFile server
Manta Manager

In the second tab (Login) change for “Use this account” and specify the local administrator (usually “Administrator”) account together with the NEW password.

Restart the services and check the backups perform properly (HFControl Center / Server / Scheduled tasks / Select backup task / Hit “Run” / Results are visible in the “Backups” tab).