How do I combine filters to get results?

This feature is useful in many cases and very easy to use.

Just make a right click on the magnifying glass icon which is located on the right of each column’s title and select “filter”. Then select the type of filter, such as “is equal to”, “contains” or “starts with” and input a value.

You can combine filters and the filters set on a table are reset when you leave the window.

Removing a filter is also done with the same right click on the magnifying glass, using the option “Remove filter”.


If you want to filter a list of all names to find names starting with “Rob” AND that they all live in Paris, simply RIGHT-click on the magnifying glass icon in the column “name” and select “begins with” then enter “rob”. This gives a list of all Rob* found in the database. To combine with another filter click on the magnifying glass icon of the “cities” column and select “is equal to” and enter “paris”.

Such filtering functions are powerful and flexible, but may require a little bit of time to complete if performed on large databases.