Description of linking between winners and subscriptions

Premises :

1- A subsciption regards a family
2- Several winners can correspond to the same subscription
3- The uniqueness of winners is impossible due to 2
4- The verification of the validity of a subscription is done dynamically when a card/list winners is consulted and compared to the current date


A subscription is “valid” from 01/01 year Y until 05/31 of year Y 1 (because you still receive payments in May for subscribers paid in 2013, but no paid yet in 2014 for still appear in “subscriber” until 05/31).

On-air process:

When we search a winner:

1- Either we find therefore:

Either he has a subscription number and we ask for nothing else.

Or he does not have a subscription number and we consult the valid subscriptions list in order to make the relationship.

2- Either we do not found it :

we consult the valid subscriptions list and we compare it to the winner’s phone number, and then we pre-fill his winner card with subscription data, without the first name, and we make the relation with the subscription automatically.

Y 1 creation process:

All subscriptions are created again on Y 1. They do not change the subscription card number, but they change the internal number on database. This number is changed for every winners for the new subscription number.

Banking import process:

If a subscription is paid:
1- Either we found one or several winners who match
a. If their subscription is missing, we replace it by the paid subscription
b. If their subscription exists nothing is done because it is already done (from the creation on Y 1)
2- Either we not find and nothing is done (before we created the winner, but this is what we have left ).

Notes / Consequences:

Anyway the talents will need to do the relationship themselves on the period before we receive the banking datas.