Connection procedure, passwords & Telos systems

When using NeoScreener, you need to attach the software application to the proper Telos system. This is done through the CTRL + P parameters interface and requires either TLSAPX2.DLL to be registered on the system (2101 / 2×12 / Nx12 / Nx6) or simply Telnet for TelosVX. You then need to locate the area (down left) where the hook-up is defined for the Telos systems then:

  1. Enter the IP address or name of the Telos unit
  2. If using 2101 or VX, enter appropriate user login & password
  3. Hit “Connect” next to the IP address.
  4. This will populate the “default show” box, from which you can then select the appropriate show.
  5. Hit “Connect” next to the show drop down box.
  6. Then select if you want to attach AS a new Desktop Director or TO a Desktop Director.
  7. And according to this either hit the “Connect” next to that pull-down box or select the DD to which you want to connect and hit the same “Connect” button.
  8. If everything is going right you will see the lines appear in the background on the main screen of the application.
  9. Hit OK to save your changes.
  10. NOTE: isTalent, isFree and isLast are checkboxes that are filled-in by the system, letting you know in what state the DD is (if isTalent is checked then it is in Talent mode, isFree is of connections from other software instances and isLast is the last one DD line found in the system)
  • If you cannot connect, please check your firewall settings: TCP 9998 should be opened to the Telos system from the computer that you are using.
  • If you come up with some ActiveX unregistered error, then make sure the TLSAPX2.DLL file has been properly registered on the computer, as an administrator with the “regsvr32 TLSAPX2.DLL” command. It can be somewhat tricky if using windows Vista & 7. For performing this, you will have to run the command prompt AS AN ADMINISTRATOR (right click and choose “Run as administrator”) before running the regsvr32 command.

Telos systems will require appropriate login information exclusively with these models:

  • 2101 systems (Digital lines – ISDN – T1)
  • TelosVX (VOIP / SIP to Livewire lines)

With 2101 and VX, you need to login as an administrator to the built-in web server and create appropriate user rights. Once this is done, you can re-use that user information within NeoScreener

The following models do not require a login for NeoScreener to connect, list shows and select DDs:

  • 2×12
  • Nx12
  • Nx6

Please note that with the Nx series, you can connect through the webserver interface to parameter the Telos unit. The default login for this interface is “user” with no password.