• Data centralization for all users
  • Prize tracking
  • On-air schedule and history, easy scheduling
  • Preselections/ Preregistrations to shows or contests
  • User-friendly on-air interface allowing to affect a winner to a contest
  • Accurate prize tracking after win
  • Several contests types, including on-line contests
  • Time saving organisation
  • Calls management with NeoScreener: Winners recognition thanks to phone numbers
  • Numerous reports
  • Centralization of several radios. Economies of scale
  • Reliable and efficient distant access to manage a relocated radio


  • Real time stock management
  • Single contest name and prize capture
  • Comments for presenter
  • Easy prize copy (season 1, season 2 etc.. for instance)
  • Items available within two dates (concerts, tickets,..)
  • Winners blocked during X days according to prize categories
  • Scheduling and tracking of prizes available in the future. Note to presenter that prize is not yet available
  • Consolation prize category and under zero schedulable prizes (eg: Goodies – possible resupplying)
  • “Packs” management allowing to group several prizes to ease scheduling


  • Schedule display per week or 10 days, compacted display available
  • Both past and future schedule display. No date limit
  • Calendar / Navigation buttons by day, week or month
  • Needed information for scheduling: date, time, contest title, contest type, presenter, prize
  • 3 schedule ways: “one by one”, “models” (day models in parameters, “horizontal” (everyday over a period)
  • Schedule card including : contest time, contest title, presenter, prize, contest instructions, comments, number of calls for this contest, contest barcode, contest status, winner(s) delivery date, shipment cost
  • Schedule card including also: affidavit printing, lable printing with integrated barcode, automatic email generation after win, printing of winners lists


  • Numerous describing listeners fields (First and last names, age, gender, address, email address, listened frequency…)
  • Winners histories: dates and times of win, run contests, presenters at this time, prizes…)
  • Re-opening win rights dates
  • Statistics available ( Socio-economic groups, household types, other listened radios, hobbies..)


  • Preregistration management on several preselection levels for high value prizes / private concerts and show participations
  • Winners preselection per show
  • Numerous listeners qualifying fields
  • Direct mailing of contests rules before running the contests


  • Language and country selection (phone numbers format)
  • Mandatory fields set up of winner card
  • Tracking numbers generation (barcodes)
  • Pre-written e-mailings messages with fields incorporation
  • User management (name and password, tights, accessible screens)
  • Prizes categories (block winners during several days depending the prize / winners rights)
  • Suppliers
  • Post codes imports (ease city entry)
  • Contests titles
  • Shows names
  • Days models


  • Backups tools (local, server, distant server)
  • Backups restore
  • Backups copies
  • Winners importation
  • Reindexations / Statistics recalcul
  • SQL requests
  • NeoGroupe technical support requests