After numerous existing Clients contacted us in March to be able to screen calls remotely and operate phones, while not physically present in the Studio, we quickly adapted our NeoScreener range of products.


NeoGroupe now offers a Solution that allows to operate the phone system that is present in the Studio, while on a remote location, through internet.

NeoScreener Unified Call Screening Suite

To achieve this, we offer:

  • A mobile application (for iOS and Android, available from the stores) NeoScreenerSmart
  • VPN compatibility of our Windows PC NeoScreener application software, for both Audio and control of the Lines.
  • No need of specific Telephone Sets: The call screener can operate the phone lines from his/her home using a simple USB headset and microphone.
  • Cloud hosted common shared database.

One of our real-life examples is a major Talk show Host in the USA, using the following scheme:

  • the Studio is in New York City, including the Telos VOIP phone system.
  • the call screeners are at home in New Jersey and another in Connecticut, securely using the Windows application.
  • the host uses the Windows application in Florida and sees the cued calls. He is able to air them in NYC.
  • the co-host uses the iOS application on an iPad in Georgiato see the same calls than the host. He also has the same abilities to air calls, hold or drop them from the mobile application.

This has allowed the continuing of the Show in the same way than when they are actually in the Studio, in spite of the travel restrictions. Their usual workflow remains totally unchanged.

And finally, NeoGroupe recently added support for AEQ Systel VOIP Systems and AVT THipPro line of phone systems, so that NeoScreener offers compatibility with all the major phone systems available on the market.