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Our focus is to enhance workflows between your team members. We create databases & software applications that support the daily work of Small & Medium Businesses, Radio and TV stations.

They talk about NeoScreener, our Live Call Screening product

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For Tablets & Smartphones

Add a Mobile Touch to your On-Air Phones Operation
NeoScreener is a set of applications that allows Live Talk Shows to handle efficiently the flow of incoming phone calls.

Operate your call-in shows remotely or while on an Outside Broadcast, as if you were in the Studio!

Get Skype™ calls in NeoScreener: Easy!

If you intend to also benefit from the high quality of Skype™ calls, or simply wish to give your listeners the ability to reach your on-air phones system using Skype™, it is quite simple to connect your SIP-compatible system (AEQ Systel IP or Telos VX), by using Skype Connect™.

The new European General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR, what is it?

Is my Radio affected?

What about the NeoGroupe Software applications?

Criteria regarding the business organization

Criteria regarding the software applications

NeoScreener Unified Call Screening Suite Wins RedTech Tribe Choice Award during 2021 Radio Week

NeoGroupe now offers a Solution that allows to operate the phone system that is present in the Studio, while on a remote location, through internet.

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