NeoScreener headsets

NeoScreeener can be used as a softphone, replacing the Vsets with the following Telos models:

  • VX
  • IQ6
  • HX6

So the user can use the audio of the PC to actually screen calls replacing the handset by the audio device.

There are advantages to this: price, user comfort (they get to like the headsets use instead of handset quite quickly) and the ability to have personal headsets in case an installation is shared across several phone screeners, by means of a USB connectivity of the headsets.

You should pay attention to the quality of the headsets that you purchase for screening calls. We have seen some entry-level headsets exhibiting issues with the mike quality and also not having feedback reduction built in, so that the mike would take back what came through the earpieces, feeding the caller back with his own voice after 1.5 seconds, the sound travelling throug the structure of the headset/mike device. Also the audio driver / manufacturer application of the PC might provide feedback / noise reduction.

Recommended / tested headsets/mike are:

Brand  Model 
Plantronics Blackwire 500 series