Social Media Interaction

Social Media Interaction

NeoGroupe unveils its interactivity management solution at NAB Show 2012

In continuity with its operational tools for Radio and TV stations-NeoScreener & NeoWinners- NeoGroupe now offers a solution which manages interaction with your audience within the same applications.

The entire process from messages Reception to Publication is supported without any tool change for the On Air teams.




  • Receiving SMS, Emails, Facebook and Twitter messages is now possible in NeoScreener. The flow of incoming contributions is gathered on a single screen. It is thus no longer necessary to have multiple logins and screens in the studio to view audience feedback in real time.


  • Changing or adding a topic coming from a call, a SMS or any other source is now workable in NeoScreener, using the same screens as for calls management. For example you can manage effortlessly a “Today’s classifieds” section on your website or a “Current Traffic info” taking information directly from NeoScreener.


  • The publication of messages moderated by the studio team is done in a simple click. Any publication may be headed towards a website, a TV broadcaster or even a third party. This is done by an RSS feed that most third party applications can read.
In partnership with Winmedia Group, we will also show you the automatic display of moderated posts via the WinMedia TV broadcasting solution.

Contact us to discover this major enhancement and see a demonstration of this entire chain on our booth C2949

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