Skype™ calls into NeoScreener

To allow Skype™ calls to reach your Telos or AEQ SIP/VOIP device, you only need to configure the Skype gateway, so that it converts your Skype™ traffic into SIP.

Method used:

  1. Subscribe to Skype Connect™.
  2. Create 1 or x skype accounts.
  3. Go to Skype Manager (//
  4. Make them Skype managers (admins).
  5. Create a SIP profile.
  6. Add channels (about $6 per month per channel to receive calls).
  7. Eventually add credit if you wish to dial OUT from that SIP Skype extension.
  8. Make the skype accounts users of the sip profile.
  9. Login as them to manager.
  10. Allow them to redirect their calls to the extension.
  11. This gives you a SIP extension user name and password, on
  12. Add this into the SIP params of the VX/Systel.
  13. Add one of those extensions to one Show.
  14. Load the show into one Room/Studio
  15. It works !
  16. Call from another skype account to one of the skype accounts that you created and the line will ring on the Systel or VX, and can be manipulated as usual by NeoScreener.
  17. Even the skype ID will be presented.
  18. Calls are in G711 for now.

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