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Client quotes

"NeoScreener is just genious! You no longer have to worry about the phone. The solution is super convenient and makes life easier! It is perfectly accorded with NeoWinners which offers a global overview of the contests and prizes schedules. Even new talents have no trouble mastering the application."

Fabien, Talent and Technical assistant for NRJ & Nostalgie Brussels.

NeoGroupe manufactures software applications for small - to - medium scale Businesses, Radio and Television Broadcasters since 2002.

Using modern development tools, our applications embed intuitive functionality. Users do really like our products. This is why we have been selected by a variety of Customers ranging from Top Talk Shows to Public Organizations worldwide. NeoGroupe's applications enhance the workflow between individuals in a business environment.


PostHeaderIcon NeoScreenerTouch

A touch-screen control application designed for 7" ELO Vesa USB.

 NeoScreenerTouch on an ELO 7'' touch screen

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PostHeaderIcon TVA Nouvelles debuts live Talk Show

Click to download in FLV format (39.31MB)

Denis Lévesque explains in this french language video, how he started open phones years ago. He also shows what technology now helps him on his new show on TVA Nouvelles in Montréal - Québec: NeoScreener.


PostHeaderIcon NeoSASInterface

A windows service that links Telos VX or AEQ Systel to an SAS ATC24 programmable buttons module. 

SAS 24 buttons module in the center

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PostHeaderIcon Must-Have solutions!

NeoWinners and NeoScreener: two "Must-Have" solutions!

It is a real satisfaction talking with major users about our software applications, and hearing back how satisfied they are..

Lieven, QMusic & JOE FM

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